Dwayne Wilson & Bryan Popplewell would like to welcome you to Wilspop Hot Rod Shop, Inc.  We look forward to doing business with you!  Wilspop is owned and operated by us and we are the guys that will actually be handling EVERY aspect of your project.  We are proud to provide the best quality workmanship & service  because we treat your hot rod like we do our own!  We are proud to be known for qualities that  matter - trustworthy, EXPERIENCED, knowledgeable, & we have extremely high standards when handling your vehicle. Wilspop Hot Rod Shop, Inc.  is all about producing timeless hot rods by forging muscle car attitude with hot rod craftmanship!  Our shop stays true to the roots of hot rodding while blending in exactly what our customers want and envision for their special project car, truck, or motorcycle. 

Please take a moment to browse our site and get to know some of our projects and the special craftsmenship it takes to build them. We will be updating the site frequently as customers' projects evolve and keep you informed of the latest news happening around the shop!! We are a new company; however, our experience spans over 35  years in building & restoring hot rods so we are definitely not new to this type of business.  We look forward to working with you to build and/or provide maintenance on your special ride!!!  Please click on the link below to visit our Facebook page or Twitter.




Transforming raw to rad. Wilspop Hot Rod Shop's personal policy is to work in an organized and efficient manner. Our approach to each task is well thought out to the best method, materials, and equipment to use. The condition of the vehicle you begin with and the level of restoration you desire will determine the cost to you. We are here to build your dream ride YOUR way!  Our attention to detail will simply amaze you. We will provide continuous updates on how your vehicle is progressing to keep you informed and excited about your special project.  
Wilspop Hot Rod Shop, Inc.  will even hunt down the right car, truck or motorcycle for you and restore it to it's full one-of-a-kind potential. We often find a great hot rod or motorcycle and will post it in our "For Sale" section of this website so be sure to check often since we are always on the look out for those special deals that could very well be your next dream car, truck or motorcycle!
At Wilspop Hot Rod Shop, Inc., we believe in honesty and integrity. This is evident in our workmanship, policies, and our desire to listen to our customers. We pride ourselves on establishing a relationship with you - a good line of communication is key to a successful restoration and building your dream ride to your satisfaction. We believe in excellent customer service & care.